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Inbred Animal Models 14 Inbred animal models

Database updated on June 20, 2019

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Status Strain Symbol Strain Name Model Species Number of models Rescue model
BALBcByJBALB/cByJMus musculus24Yes
BTBRBTBR T+ Itpr3tf/JMus musculus79Yes
129S1SVIMJ129S1/SvImJMus musculus1No
AJA/JMus musculus1No
AKRJAKR/JMus musculus1No
ELEL/SuzSeyFrkJMus musculus3Yes
LSILow Socially InteractingRattus norvegicus2Yes
LSVLow social vocalizationRattus norvegicus2Yes
C3HHEJC3H/HeJMus musculus1No
C58/JC58/JMus musculus1No
FASTFASTRattus norvegicus1No
WISTAR-HABWistar High Anxiety BreedRattus norvegicus1No
WISTAR-LABWistar Low Anxiety BreedRattus norvegicus1No
WKY-NCrlWistar-Kyoto NCrlRattus norvegicus1No
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